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BowWow Packleader Training was born out of our passion and love for Dogs.  Learn how to understand what your dog's behavior is saying and then learn how to communicate with your dog in a language they understand. We offer private in home dog & puppy training.  We will teach you how to deal with your dog’s behavior in a humane, non-physical manner and help you become a true packleader.  

Why Is It Important To Be a Packleadder

Dogs are social animals with a well defined pack hierarchy. Like the wolf pack, each individual in the pack has its own place in that social order. Think about your own family.  The children don't lead the pack.  As a dog owner it is critical you become the packleader.   A pack without a leader and parameters, is a dysfunctioning pack and will be in constant conflict. If a dog does not see you as a clear pack leader your dog will instinctively take over the pack usually through unwanted behaviors.  Whether you are a pack of one dog or multiple dogs, it’s important to understand the structure of the pack in order to maintain your role as leader.

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Does Your Dog...?

  • Potty in the house

  • Jump on you or others

  • No recall

  • Resource Guarding

  • Pull on a Leash

  • Excessively bark

  • Lundge at other dogs

  • Destroy your property

  • Take food off counters

If you said yes to any of those unwanted behaviors or have another unwanted behavior we can help.  We don't train any cookie cutter techniques, we only offer customized private lessons that fits the needs of your family and dog.  100% committed to you and your dog's success.  Get the help for your new rescue or loved family dog or puppy.

Enjoy life with your dog again.


Unwanted Behavior In Dogs

We find much of the time when a dog has unwanted behaviors these behaviors have actually been reinforced.  Imagine if you got a new dog or puppy and you let them jump on you because you thought is was cute and gave affection.  Your dog or puppy learned that jumping on you is a good behavior and they will receive affection.  Six months later your puppy or dog is jumping on everyone and you don't find the jumping so cute.  Your dog becomes confused as to why their not getting that affection anymore.  Because they are confused they are likely to jump harder and higher to receive that affection rather than sitting calmly awaiting your touch. 

This situation can apply to many unwanted dog behaviors. 

Take a dog that barks excessively and the dog owner picks up or pets the dog while barking even though they are telling the dog to stop.  The dog is not hearing no or stop they are hearing I get affection when I bark.

Imagine these two situations but the owner ignores or get mad at the dog.  The result is the same in the sense of continuing the unwanted behavior.  None of these approaches teach the dog or puppy what you want them to do in a language they understand.

At BowWow Packleader Dog Training we teach you how communicate with your dog in a way they will understand.

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  • Obedience training tailored to your dog or puppy

  • Private in home dog and puppy training

  • Learn to love walking your dog or puppy

  • Learn how to have a calm balanced dog or puppy

  • Learn how to be a packleader

  • Learn to channel your dog or puppy's energy into appropriate tasks

  • Build a stronger bond with your dog or puppy


Our mission at BowWow Packleader Dog Training is to make sure dogs stay in their homes, owners enjoy their dogs again, and the bond between dogs and owners last a lifetime. We know that all situations are different and that is why we always make sure each plan is customized to the owner and dog needs.

Majority of the cases we work with are dogs that have been labeled hopeless or have been given up on and end up at the pound.  If your dog was labeled this, please don’t give up! We can absolutely help!

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