Packleader Commandments

The Ten Packleader Commandments

  • Never let your dog enter a door or room first.  Your dog should sit and wait to be invited.

  • Don’t allow your dog on furniture unless invited.

  • When you or your guests greet your dog you must be calm.  Enter your home and do not acknowledge your dog.  Instead when your dog is calm invite them over for affection.  Getting excited will teach your dog to always be excited when greeting people.

  • Don’t allow your dog to jump up on you or anyone else.

  • When correcting an unwanted behavior remain calm and never offer affection when correcting an unwanted behavior.

  • When walking your dog don’t allow your dog to walk ahead or you.

  • When feeding your dog have your dog sit and look you in the eye before putting the food bowl down.

  • When your dog is eating make sure you can put your hand in the bowl with no aggression.

  • Exercise your dog daily. If dogs don’t get to release their energy it will be very challenging to train.  Exercise can be physical and mental.  Three 15 minute training sessions every day with your dog will challenge their mind.

  • Remember you have a dog NOT a baby. Dogs need leadership and they don’t have the feelings and emotions we do.  They respond to energy.