Meet The Trainer

Kari Lindsey - Lead Trainer

My entire life I have always loved animals and would rescue any dog or cat I could.  I would get in trouble as a child because I would bring home stray dogs and cats.  As I got older I started researching dog rescues and my dream was always to have my rescue with a shelter on our property.  I started volunteering for 2 Hearts Animal Haven and one of the biggest challenges I saw was lack of dog training experience. 

Dogs that are abandoned generally have behavior issues and the rescue volunteers aren't equipped with the experience needed to help the dog overcome their issues.  I began to study dog psychology not dog training.  I have studied under some of the most recognized canine psychologists.  Why did I take this route...I felt that I needed to understand what a dog's behavior means in deeper theory to better understand what their behavior is saying.  I find this approach much more helpful with rehabilitating dogs. 

I do free training of all of 2 Hearts Animal Havens fosters, adopters, and staff members with the goal of saving more dogs.  My dream is to help owners and dogs live peacefully together before an owner feels the need to abandon their dog.

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